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myprintpod wants to make 3D printing more widely available to everyone, but has also set the goal of using recycled materials from local sources. To achieve this vision, myprintpod has been collaborating with Fraunhofer IPA for over one and a half years. An initial project has already been completed with the 3D printing experts at Fraunhofer IPA, demonstrating technical feasibility and developing system concepts. Together, we will continue to realise our joint goal by developing technologies to achieve decentralised, additive parts production based on locally gathered and processed raw material cycles.

AHEAD - Fraunhofer deeptech accelerator programme

In addition to our strong partnership with Fraunhofer IPA, we have been fortunate to be invited on the AHEAD Fraunhofer Deeptech Accelerator programme, with our partner Fraunhofer IPA. This is where we have worked with the excellent AHEAD coaches and mentors from Fraunhofer Ventures on the bootcamp programme (Phase 1) to research and refine our commercial ideas to be practical, successful and achievable. We cannot thank them enough.

Barclays Eagle Labs

myprintpod was lucky enough to be accepted onto the Barclays Eagle Labs programme. (part of Barclays Bank). This is a programme to assist particularly technology and innovation startups to develop and grow. Their support has been invaluable in the financial planning and local networking side of the business.

Innovate UK / Innovate UK Edge

Last but not least, we have had fantastic support and long standing patience from Innovate UK and Innovate UK Edge - particularly their advice team. This team helped through many months helping the business shape its initial vision and assisted us in obtaining £50k of UK grant funding to build the minimum viable product and test this with UK end users to demonstrate feasibility. We greatly value their onging support. 

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