how we do it?

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there are four stages to developing solutions using 3d printing:

design carefully

we work with you to take your idea (whether its a verbal brief or the back of a napkin) and design solution in our state-of-the-art CAD facilities

iterate virtually

By using augmented reality tools from Augmented Solution Limited, we can help client preview their designs, check them against real spaces, select materials and preview in the real world easily. This allows clents to check and review their models before committing to the expense of manufacture.

print sustainably

Once a design has been created and approved, then we can manufacture the part using a range of recycled materials. We also use 100% green energy in our production processes - this is as it should be...

deliver locally

Finally we are a UK company based in Portsmouth and prioritise the south east of England. This ensures that your parts have the minimum of carbon miles associated with transportation.

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